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Speedy Translate

Speedy Translate is a dedicated Joomla extension with the ultimate goal to make translation work in Joomla! easier and speedier. Check our blog post for introduction.

Latest version: v1.1.1 Stable


($39, including 6 months support & updates for 01 domain)

Inline Translation

Working on multiple translations at the same time via a intuitive and unified user interface. Support both Falang and Joomla core multilingual feature.

Speedy Translate - Inline Translation
Speedy Translate - Context Translation

Context Translation

Translate langluage file in context without having to search and edit language file direclty, save your time for other tasks.

Speedy Translate - Context Translation

INI Translate

Provides an easy to use user interface ti search and translate INI across all installed extensions (component / module / plugin / template) and languages.

Speedy Translate - INI Translate
Speedy Translate - Syntax Checker

Syntax Checker

Debug and fix language file for syntax error via friendly user interface with having to turn on Joomla Debug mode and edit file via FTP.

Speedy Translate - Syntax Checker

Import & Export

Backup and restore all your translation work with just on click. Keep your translation work in a safe place and even migrate to other sites with ease.

Speedy Translate - Import & Export

($39, including 6 months support & updates for 01 domain)

Frequently asked questions

How many domains can I install and use Speedy Translate?

Unlimited. You can install and use Speedy Translate in as many domains as you wish. However support is only given to the number of domains associated with your subscription level (01 domain).

Is Speedy Translate fully open source?

Yes. Speedy Translate is 100% open source extension.

Am I able to keeping using Speedy Translate after my subscription expired?

Yes. But you will not be able to access to our support and updates (bug fixes, new features).

I don't have PayPal account, how can I pay?

PayPal allows you to pay with your credit cards without having to have a PayPal account. When you are in PayPal checkout page, click on link "Don't have a PayPal account" then fill in your credit card details there. There will be an option for you to create a new PayPal account, but that is not required.

As a paid subscriber, how many questions/tickets can I ask/create?

Unlimited. We love to assist you and we are here to help therefore we don't limit your questions/support tickets number.

What Joomla extensions does Speedy Translate support?

For Inline Translate feature, there are 2 integration modes: Joomla and Falang. With the Joomla integration mode, the supported extensions are Joomla core components: com_content, com_categories, com_contact, com_newsfeed. With Falang integration mode, the supported extensions are Joomla core components like com_content, com_menu, com_categories, com_banners, com_modules, com_tags and other 3rd extensions like Solidres, JEvents, K2, J2Store.

For INI Translate feature, all Joomla extensions that use the standard INI language files are supported.

Is Speedy Translate a machine based translate service like Google Translate or Bing Translator?

No. You still need to translate by yourself or use other translate services like Google Translate or Bing Translator. Speedy Translate offers a convenient way for you to work with your translations, not translate the content for you.

Can Speedy Translate integrate with my favorite extensions?

Please send us an email with your extension name + download link (or an installation package), we will check to see if it can be integrated with Speedy Translate.

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